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As technology advances and apps for tablets, smartphones and new devices continues, there will be less a continued move towards free software backed by other means of monetization.  New services will emerge as software apps are developed for pc tablets and these services will be based on community driven methods of advertising.

Right now, with the apps that are available, starting a business has less overhead which has created a massive availability for unlimited profits.  With new profit potential comes faster expansion; which is why startups are being valued at millions of dollars, yet they produce no tangible product or have incoming revenue.  Much of this is performed by the backing of venture capitalists that fund these companies and get a percentage on the backend when the project or business revenue comes to fruition.

This technique is not just for major corporations and popular startups, but it can also be arranged for small business and garage startups.  Just keep in mind, Apple was started in a garage and Microsoft was started in a dorm room.

Are you as boggled by the sheer amount of android apps on the market right now? Seriously, you go to the android market and you are blasted with hundreds of droid apps and some inane comments that really aren’t helpful.  If you are like me and hate to waste time on downloading a droid app just to be disappointed, then you’ll want a great android app guide to give you real information, positive and negative information, about the droid apps that you are looking for.  An app guide is imperative in finding info about droid apps that you are curious about, but don’t want to install until you are 100% certain that they serve the purpose that you need it to.  The problem you will find on the android market is mostly in the entertainment apps section.  Other sections of the site, business apps for instance, have less variety and content, so those may be easier to determine which are more suited.

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